When it was created, the museum in Nogent-sur-Seine had a very extensive collection of ceramics, which included donations from Madame Boucher and hundreds of vases and sculptures in biscuit porcelain donated by the “Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres” porcelain factory. Unfortunately, most of these objects were lost when the museum was looted during the Second World War.

The vases are now kept in storage, with the exception of the spectacular Ronde des enfants by Dalou. A number of porcelain biscuits and stoneware works can also be admired in the rooms, an exhibition that has been updated by acquisitions and new donations. The exhibition features prestigious works in which the Manufacture de Sèvres sought to illustrate its technical expertise (Les Ondines by Alfred Boucher, Le Char de Diane and Le Char de Minerve by Emmanuel Fremiet), as well as the unrivalled stoneware edition of Camille Claudel’s La Valse (The Waltz) by the “Manufacture Emile Muller” ceramic factory.